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We are an experienced innovation and design company, specialized in working with growth companies.


The core challenge in product development and branding is to focus on the essentials. It is even more so in the startup companies.

We have experience and tools for an effective and precise development process.


First impression is critical when entering the market and pitching for investors. Your reputation is based on user experience.

Design in a fast and cost effective tool to improve credibility and customer satisfaction.

product design, ID

Usability: ergonomics, user interface

Esthetics: versions, shape, colors, product graphics

Manufacturing: construction, package, mechanics, production methods, automated packaging, logistics, recycling

Packaging design, user manuals

Laws, directives, standards


We tailor our services to meet our clients needs.

We believe that great design is based on deep understanding the user and the context.


Because the user experiences your products and services holistically, design should be used in an integrated way. This is why we like to offer product design and branding simultaneously.


Promise, name, slogan

Core elements: logo, symbols, colors, typography, photos

Applications in: product and service, spaces, communication

Launch planning

Design management

Coordination, upkeep

Design strategy

Project management, briefing


IP-rights protection


Foresight, scenarios

Concept design: analyzing, observing, ideation, testing, visualizing

Product development: definition, prototyping, testing, documenting


Our broad experience, passion and talent is how all the above can be scaled to suit startups and small and medium sized growth companies.

Designing products and brand simultaneously speeds up the development and adds extra focus.

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skype: salonenari

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One day start-workshop

Core identity design, website, business card design

Product visualization

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