Is design just for the bigger companies? We can’t afford design!

We live in a world where just about everything is designed. Therefore we take quality and performance for granted. New products and startups do not survive in the marketplace without design.

Design is an investment which according to studies is very profitable. Several European studies have found that companies who systematically use design are clearly more profitable than others.

Fokusdesign has worked with dozens of small and medium sized companies and startups. We have the experience to scale our services according to our clients needs and resources.


A good product will sell itself!

Maybe so in the past. Now the competition is harder and available alternatives so many that your product has to stand out of the crowd.

Quality and performance are self-evident features your product has to have. The differences we use to select a product are defined by more subtle differences. Those differences are created by design.

Startup companies have a better chance for success if they invest in to their credibility right from the day one. An innovation will become the original product of its category if it is well designed.

Q & A

Here we answer some of the most common questions and beliefs about design in startups and sme growth companies.


Design is important only in consumer products!

Design is equally important in business to business companies. Competition is just as hard and there are just as many alternatives available.

Professionals appreciate quality in usability, ergonomics and design. A tool should look and feel like a professional tool.

Branding is very important in B to B companies. Your brand creates the uniqueness for your product range and makes it recognizable. It communicates the value your products has to offer.


Startup companies have limited resources!

Yes, we know that. That is exactly why you should add external professionals to your own competencies.

For a small company to become known requires a unified identity. When potential customers or investors see and hear about you it looks and sounds the same every time. After a couple contacts you are already familiar and we people trust familiar things by nature.

Fokusdesign is specialized in holistic use of design. It is very beneficial for starters and smaller companies who do not have own resources for design coordination. We provide the whole package. In our experience it is better to create a unified look with the resources available rather than use them on one thing only.


We will develop the product to be functional first, then you designers can give it a final touch!

If design is used in the final phase of product development, very often a need for changes arises or there will be compromises in the quality. Changes are very expensive and delay schedule.

The best way to use design is to integrate it to the process from the beginning. Costs will be smaller and benefits available right away.


Why don’t you have a price list? How is the cost determined?

We always scale our services according to clients needs and resources. This means that we determine the cost and content of the work discussing with the client.

Our philosophy is that schedules and costs are fixed beforehand and we stick to them.

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